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Rep. Rush Delivers Message to Nation's Veterans and Shares Critical Veteran Resources

It is my honor and privilege to express gratitude to our nation's veterans for their selfless act of military service.

Our U.S. Armed Forces are what they are today because of the legacy of tradition and excellence they helped build, and the citizens of our nation are the benefactor of their committed effort. As a proud U.S. Army veteran, I know the sacrifice that America'smen and women in uniform continue to make on our behalf. As we mark nearly two decades of non-stop war, it is even more important that we honor the commitment made by those who have given so much for all of us.

The strength of our military lies in dedicated Service members who serve their country with distinction every day. Throughout America's history, brave men and women, dedicated to protecting the American way of life, have left their families and friends to fight for the preservation of our Democracy. The freedom we enjoy and, too often, take for granted as U.S. citizens, comes at a cost, a tremendous cost.

So, on this Veterans Day of 2020, I join the constituents of the 1stCongressional District of Illinois as we pause to honor Service memberswho gave their best to our nation.I will continue to do everything I can to stand up for our Veterans, as they have bravely stood up for America's interests every day.

With that in mind, below I have complied a list of resources for our men and women in unform to take advantage of on Veterans day and beyond:

Veterans' Rights Project | Virtual Legal Clinic

VA Telehealth Program

KROC Veterans Day Informational Drive-Tru

Women Veterans Virtual Resource Fair

Addtional District Resources

Cook County Military and Veteran Discount Card