Congressman Bobby Rush

Representing the 1st District of Illinois

U.s. Rep. Bobby Rush Statement On The Transportation Equity Act.

Apr 1, 2004
Press Release

 Washington, DC ---- Congressman Bobby L. Rush issued the following statement: 

 I am pleased that we are voting on H.R. 3550,  The Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy For Users (TEA LU).

 This much needed legislation that will fund our nations critical transportation infrastructure.   H.R. 3550 would not only repair our roads and alleviate traffic congestion but it would also create and sustain 1.7 million new jobs throughout all 50 states over the next six years.  This bill addresses many problems that plague our nations transportation infrastructure programs.  TEA-LU provides a 28% increase  in funding for NHTSA highway safety formula grants that support state safety  programs. This is extremely  important because it is well known that 42,000 Americans are killed and 3.3 million die from our nations highways due to substandard road conditions and roadside hazards. 
 More importantly, H.R. 3550 recognizes that transportation in the 21st century cannot exist without adequate resources for public transportation. However, I am disappointed that the funding level of this bill is well below the Senate highway bill. Originally, this bill was to be funded at $318 billion but because of pressures from the White House it was scaled back to $275 billion. 

 This is quite unfortunate. 
 H.R. 3550 may be the only job creating measure considered by Congress this year, as every $1 billion invested in federal highway and  transit projects create 47,500 jobs. These well- paying jobs would go along way in my district.
 For more information, please call the Congressional Office at 202/225.4372..