Congressman Bobby Rush

Representing the 1st District of Illinois

U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush Paves The Way For Transportation Projects With $16 Million In Approved House Highway Bill

Mar 10, 2005
Press Release

Washington, DC. ---- (March 10, 2005)   Congressman Bobby L. Rush announced today that he secured $16 million for road, highway and other related transportation projects for the 1st Congressional District.  Rushs portion is included as part of todays passing of the House $284 billion approved six-year highway and construction bill.  The House bill will now be introduced in the Senate. 

As part of my ongoing commitment to enhance the quality of life and stimulate economic growth in the First Congressional District, the passing of this bill will help achieve this goal through a number of transportation enhancement projects, said Rush.

Below you will find the complete list of targeted projects and allocated funding:

  •         $2,000,000 - Improve 63rd Street, Chicago -
  •         $1,000,000 - Improve Cottage Grove intersection, South Chicago Avenue and 71st 
  •         $500,000 - Upgrade traffic signal system on 87th Street, Chicago.
  •         $600,000 - Construct I-57 Bridge Overpass, City of Markham. 
  •         $500,000 - Construct Streetscape Project, City of Markham.
  •         $1,000,000 - Construct Bridge Overpass, DuSable Museum, Chicago.
  •         $400,000 - Resurface Clifton Park Ave. and S. Louis Ave., Village of Evergreen.
  •         $400,000 - Resurface Trumbull Ave. and Homan Ave., Evergreen Park.
  •         $400,000 - Construct Bike, Pedestrian Paths, Orland Hills.
  •         $400,000 - Construct Streetscape Project, Orland Hills.
  •         $800,000 - Construct Streetscape Project, Village of Robbins.
  •         $700,000 - Widen and improve Pulaski Road, Alsip.
  •         $1,000,000 - Construct I-80, Ridgeland Ave. Improvements, Tinley Park.
  •         $5,000,000 - Construct intermodal facility at 35th Street at Metra Red Line (Northside),
  •         $1,000,000 - Establish Transit Signal Priority, Cicero Ave., Pace Suburban Bus.
  •         $300,000 - Feasibility Study for intermodal station on the Metra Rock Island near
            Kennedy-King College, Chicago, IL

Total: $16,000,000