Congressman Bobby Rush

Representing the 1st District of Illinois

U.S. Rep. Bobby L. Rush Statement On Haitian President Aristide Resigning As President Of Haiti.

Mar 1, 2004
Press Release

"As the unrest continues over the resignation of Haitian President Jean-
Bertrand Aristide, Americans must maintain sight of the importance of
stabilizing the Haitian government and restoring calm and civility to that

I am astounded at the recent actions of the Bush Administration. Let us not forget that President Aristide was the duly elected President of Haiti. It was important for us particularly in the Western Hemisphere -- to insure its Democratic rule via elections. Democracy has been denied an opportunity in Haiti by this Administration.

The safety and the national security of the people of Haiti is of paramount importance to me, to the members of the Congressional Black Caucus, and to all peaceloving peoples everywhere."

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