Congressman Bobby Rush

Representing the 1st District of Illinois

U.S. Rep. Bobby L. Rush And Chicago Congressional Delegation Expand Transportation Options With Grant To I-Go Sharing Program $396,000 Grant Will Be Used To Expand I-Go Throughout The City

Feb 21, 2006
Press Release

Chicago, IL. ---- CHICAGO (February 21, 2206) - Congressmen Bobby L. Rush, Congressman Danny K. Davis and other members of Chicagos Congressional delegation announced today that they were able to secure $396,000 from the recently passed transportation appropriation bill. The funding will help I-GO Car Sharing meet rapidly increased demand for this money saving, environmentally sound program.

 The undertaking to secure federal funding was a delegation wide effort. Sharon Feigon, Chief Executive Officer of the I-GO Car Sharing project reiterated this point by saying, Every member of the Chicagoland delegation played a role in securing the funding, and we could not have done this without their support.

 I-GO is Chicagos only car sharing program and its members enjoy the convenience and  flexibility of having a car without the cost and hassles of owning a car.  Members have 24-hour access  to I-GO cars located in their communities in reserved parking spaces.  They can reserve an I-GO car for 30 minutes or more by phone at 773-278-4446 or online at

  Members use I-GO cars to run errands like grocery shopping, doctor appointments,  or job interviews and then return the car to its original parking space where the next member with the next reservation picks it up. According to I-GO member Rebecca Eng, a 33-year old working mother, it would cost me an arm and a leg if I had to pay for a car.  When I do need a car its a big relief that I have I-GO as a backup instead of being trapped at home.

Currently there are 51 I-GO cars in 20 Chicago communities that form a link from the south side to the far north side and the west side. The I-GO Car Sharing program currently has 1950 members and is growing at a rate of 100-125 new members every month.  Sharon Feigon spoke of this saying that I-GO has nearly doubled in size since August 2004. The increase in growth and usage is linked to heightened awareness about the benefits of car sharing and the latest upswing in fuel costs. The Center for Neighborhood Technology, I-GOs parent organization, estimates that car sharing can save individuals several thousand dollars a year compared to the cost of car ownership, making it a very appealing option.

 The funding will be used to add cars and promote the program across the region. The announcement occurred at Jones College Prep High School.  Jones College Prep is an I-GO car site and is home to a Honda Civic Hybrid. The I-GO program will reach 100 cars later this year. The longer term goal of the program is to grow to 500 cars, which will allow it to service the entire Chicagoland region.

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