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Rush Votes an Emphatic "No" on S. 627, the Budget Control Act of 2011

Jul 29, 2011
Press Release

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“People should understand that ‘cuts’ and ‘caps’ are the same thing...There was
never a set of circumstances that would have led me to vote for this ill-conceived,

uncaring, asymmetrical and cobbled together legislation.”

WASHINGTON –– Today, in a 218 to 210 vote, a sharply divided House advanced to the Senate legislation that purports to raise the debt ceiling but, in fact, represents a giant step backwards.  The Boehner Plan, which was literally pieced together earlier this afternoon, reflects the narrow interests of Tea Party extremists and a compliant Republican leadership. These strange bedfellows passed legislation that inflicts fiscal damage on a recovering economy that has racked up huge deficits, due to a series of wrong-headed decisions inflicted on our nation by the previous Administration. Those decisions, including engaging our country in costly military diversions and the eager push to shift money from the wallets of middle- class and low-income families to the savings and inheritance accounts of millionaires and billionaires is still weighing down our nation’s recovery.

 “There was never a set of circumstances that would have led me to vote for this ill-conceived, uncaring, asymmetrical and cobbled together legislation.  People should understand that ‘cuts’ and ‘caps’ are the same thing.  The elimination of these resources will hurt the most vulnerable people in our country.  I will never support any laws that punish the least of these.  Government must always fight to improve the lives of hardworking people and it must protect the most vulnerable among us especially senior citizens and children.  This should be our top priority in everything we do.”

Over the course of the last week, Rush’s offices were bombarded with more than 300 calls from constituents.   More than 90 percent of those calls were in favor of a bipartisan compromise that spared Social Security and other entitlement programs. 

“I want my constituents to know that I will continue to work with leaders in the House, on both sides of the aisle if possible, to ensure that we raise the debt ceiling so that we can put an end to the economic harm this policy battle is wreaking.  Now is the time to reassure the American people that their leaders in the House have their best interests at heart.  Tonight, those who voted in support of S. 627 failed in that regard.”  

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NOTE: To see the final vote results click here.