Rep. Rush Responds to Pres. Bush Statement on Pending Military Action in Iraq

Mar 18, 2003
Press Release

The following is the statement of U.S. Rep. Bobby L. Rush (D-1st).

This is, indeed, a dark day in the history of our nation and the world. It is a dark day because our nation stands on the brink of war and we, as its citizens, are compelled to face the unavoidable consequences of this reality. Whether we will be safer, as a result of this war, is questionable. However, what is unquestionable is that this ill-conceived and unjust war will lead to loss of life amongst the ranks of our military and will greatly increase the likelihood of retaliatory attacks on our shores. The world will truly not be the same at this war's conclusion.

That being said, I offer my prayers, heartfelt sentiments, and unwavering support to our American soldiers, soon to be put in harm's way, and to the citizens of Iraq, whose innocent blood will surely be spilled.