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U.S. Rep. Bobby L. Rush Calls for U.S. Intervention in Liberia

July 10, 2003

Washington, DC ---- Congressman Bobby L. Rush (IL) called for the United States to end the decade long civil war in Liberia. Specifically, Congressman Rush urges the Bush administration to intervene militarily in Liberia and to work with the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in finding a peaceful solution to the Liberian crisis.

Further, Congressman Rush called for a Congressional Delegation to go to Liberia and ascertain the situation, firsthand, and act as advocates for peace while in Liberia. This would offer the people of Liberia an opportunity to stablize their condition and insure a wholesome environment for their families.

For a complete text of Congressman Rushs remarks, please call the Congressional Office @202/225-4372.