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Rush Statement on Protests in Cuba

July 14, 2021

Rush previously led 79-Member letter to President Biden urging normalization in U.S.–Cuba relations, introduced legislation to lift trade embargo

WASHINGTON — Today, U.S. Representative Bobby L. Rush (D-Ill.) released the following statement amid ongoing anti-government protests in Cuba:

"As the Cuban people cry out for help, I believe it is our moral and political duty to provide humanitarian assistance — including food, medicines, and vaccines — and to end the failed, unilaterally-harmful trade embargo that has defined the U.S. relationship with Cuba for nearly six decades," said Rep. Rush. "The irony is that, in the last 16 months, the pandemic has created the necessary conditions for protests against the government that a fifty-nine-year, wrong-minded and bone-headed American embargo was never able to achieve."

"In March, I led a letter to President Biden — supported by 79 Members of the House Democratic Caucus including progressives, moderates, and senior and first-term Members — urging his administration to reverse the Trump administration's disastrous approach to Cuba and pursue an end to the embargo that has only produced enormous pain and suffering among the Cuban people. The recent demonstrations only reaffirm my belief that current U.S. policy towards Cuba is untenable and that normalization and diplomatic engagement is the only productive path forward."

On March 2, Rep. Rush led a 79-Member letter to President Biden urging him to take swift executive action to reverse the Trump administration's policies towards Cuba, return to the diplomatic path charted by the Obama administration, and pursue an ultimate end to the embargo. In June, Rep. Rush reintroduced his United States–Cuba Relations Normalization Act (H.R.3625), which would lift the U.S. trade embargo on Cuba and remove restrictions on commerce and travel. Rep. Rush has visited Cuba multiple times, including as part of a delegation with President Barack Obama.

The text of Rep. Rush's United States–Cuba Relations Normalization Act is available HERE.

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