Rush Demands Removal of Chicago Postmaster After IG Report Reveals a Broken System Without Accountability

Feb 18, 2021
Press Release

CHICAGO — U.S. Representative Bobby L. Rush (D-Ill.), joined by Mayor John D. Ryan of Alsip, Ill., and several aldermen, today demanded the removal of the Chicago Postmaster after an Inspector General report on four post offices in his district revealed thousands of pieces of mail not reported delayed, hundreds of packages scanned incorrectly and substitute letter carriers listed as available to work despite not showing up for four weeks or more.

“I can only conclude and demand that Postmaster Wanda Prater resign immediately or that she be terminated immediately,” Rush said at today’s press conference.  “We need a new team at the Chicago Post Office.”

The USPS Inspector General investigation was requested by Rush after a virtual town hall meeting in July 2020 that drew more than 3,500 participants who all complained about delayed and undelivered mail.  The investigation took place in September 2020.  All the information in the report occurred during that period.

The report details repeated and apparent intentional inaccurate reporting of conditions at the Auburn Park, Henry McGee, Ashburn, and James E. Worsham stations.

The report shows that management at the Auburn Park and Worsham Stations reported 3,114 delayed mail pieces.  The other two stations did not report any delayed mail, which was in direct contradiction to the more than 62,000 delayed mail investigators found.

During the period the investigation occurred three stations did not report any non-deliveries and the Auburn Park Station reported 329 non-deliveries the day before the inspectors arrived.  Inspectors found 18,785 non-deliveries for all four stations on that day.

A copy of the Inspector General’s report can be found below.