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Rush, Cardenas Amendment to Increase Funding for Gun Violence Prevention Adopted by House

July 30, 2020

WASHINGTON — Today, the U.S. House of Representatives adopted by voice vote an amendment to the Commerce, Justice, and Science Division of H.R. 7617 proposed by U.S. Representatives Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) and Tony Cárdenas (D-Calif.), which would appropriate an additional $1.5 million for community-based violence prevention initiatives, such as gun violence intervention initiatives, hospital-based violence intervention programs, evidence-based street outreach programs, and group violence intervention strategies.

"As we mourn and march for the countless Black and Brown Americans that have been murdered by rogue police officers, we cannot forget to continue to fight for those who have been needlessly slain due to everyday gun violence in our own communities," said Rep. Rush. "In order to quell this violence our communities need robust federal aid, and that is exactly why I proposed this amendment. These much-needed funds will help to support community-based violence prevention initiatives and other critical initiatives that are currently strapped for resources due to COVID-19. I am grateful to Rep. Cárdenas for standing with me to ensure that are communities have the resources they need help address, and ultimately extinguish, everyday gun violence."

"In the wake of George Floyd's murder, our country is finally facing a racial reckoning. For too long, people of color, particularly Brown and Black men, have been targets of police violence. Americans have come to realize that some lives are treated as though they have no value. But we cannot ignore the larger gun violence epidemic that is plaguing our nation. That's why I'm proud to join my colleague Rep. Rush in proposing this amendment to support community-based violence prevention initiatives with federal aid and make our neighborhoods safer for families and children," said Rep. Cárdenas.

"Gun violence in the U.S. is a human rights crisis and the U.S. has an obligation to ensure the rights and safety of people living in the country are protected," said Ernest Coverson, End Gun Violence Campaign Manager at Amnesty International USA. "Gun violence prevention programs have proven effective in decreasing gun violence in communities and sustained funding for these programs can achieve long-lasting reductions in firearm violence. Unfortunately, communities have faced significant challenges in maintaining these programs due to a lack of federal funding, sometimes leading to a reversal of the program's hard-fought gains. We are grateful that Representatives Rush and Cárdenas led this vital amendment to increase funding for these programs during this critical time, and look forward to working with Congress to further increase funding for these programs in the long-term."