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Rush Calls for Removal of McDonalds CEO Over Racist Texts About Chicago Shooting Deaths

November 10, 2021

WASHINGTON — Today, U.S. Representative Bobby L. Rush (D-Ill.) released the following statement calling for the firing or resignation of McDonald’s President and CEO Chris Kemczinski in light of recently revealed texts where Kemczinski appeared to blame the deaths of Chicago children Jaslyn Adams and Adam Toledo on their parents:

“I am utterly horrified by Chris Kemczinski’s texts blaming the tragic shooting deaths of Chicago children Jaslyn Adams and Adam Toledo on their parents. This is a deplorable message, and one that is completely unacceptable for the CEO of a powerful multinational corporation — let alone a corporation that markets aggressively to communities of color and publicly proclaims that “Black lives matter” — to espouse.

“Sadly, McDonald’s has a long history of racist behavior and discrimination, which ongoing legal action continues to reveal. McDonald’s would not be the multinational corporation it is today if not for the Black customer base that has long provided — and continues to provide — enormous profits.

“The Black community deserves and demands far better responses and far better treatment from McDonald's and its top leaders. As a Member of Congress and a Black man who has long fought against racism and discrimination, I join with others in demanding that Chris Kemczinski be fired or step down immediately.”

McDonald’s has faced a flurry of recent lawsuits from Black employees, franchisees, and advertising partners alleging racial discrimination on the part of the fast food giant. In September 2020, more than 50 Black former McDonald’s franchisees filed a lawsuit in federal court against McDonald's, alleging they were racially discriminated against and denied the same opportunities as white franchisees. In January 2020, two Black women executives at McDonald's sued for racial discrimination. 

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