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Congressman Bobby L. Rush Press Conference Remarks Event Location: 95th/Dan Ryan bus Terminal-East Side 15 W.95th Street Time: 11: 00am

November 15, 2003

Good Morning :

I would like to thank Mayor Daley, CTA Chairwoman Ms. Carole Brown and CTA President, Frank Kruesi for their contributions and effort in the refurbishment of the Dan/Ryan station. As you all may know, we have invested three long years in making this vision a reality. Today it is my pleasure to report that I have been able to secure an additional $1 million for the modernization of the 95th/Dan Ryan Bus terminal for repairs and renovation.

As you all may know, the 95th Dan Ryan Transit Station, built in 1969, is located in the median of Chicagos Dan Ryan Expressway, a 14-lane expressway, making it one of the worlds largest expressways. An average of 50,000 people rely on the station each day, making it Chicago Transit Authoritys third busiest station. With a central location of 30 blocks from the city limit and approximately 20 minutes from Chicagos busy downtown area, it is undeniably a major transportation vehicle for both citizens of the south side and south suburbs. Though it is one of the most heavily used train stations in the Chicago, the 31-year-old station was in desperate need of repairs including: construction for bus turnarounds, bridges and resurfacing, decaying escalators, required elevators, and modernized electrical equipment.

At my request, CTA launched efforts to improve the infrastructure and physical appearance of the station but it became evident that federal funding would be required to complete the task. Considering the House Subcommittee on Transportation and Related Agencies Appropriations budgetary constraints, it is virtually impossible to provide funding for every worthwhile project. Despite this, I remained diligent with this effort as it is near and dear to my heart as well as the hearts of the constituents of Chicago .

Addressing the transportation needs of my constituents is of paramount importance to me. It is well documented that families are losing precious time together because they are stuck in traffic on their way home from work, picking up their kids in day care or running daily errands. As a result, families are looking for alternative modes of transportation. That is why in the last six years transit ridership, especially light rail, has outpaced the growth of every other mode of transportation. That said, I truly believe that offering more transportation choices to our constituents will inevitably enhance livable communities and quality of life.
I am pleased to see that Chicagoans are now benefitting from the significant modifications made to the 95th Dan Ryan station in recent months.

Again, I would like to extend my sincerest appreciation and thanks to all who have contributed to this project.