Committees and Caucuses

Congressman Rush is proud to be part of the following committees and caucuses:



Congressman Rush currently serves on the Committee on Energy and Commerce where he serves on the:

  • Subcommittee on Energy and Power (Ranking Democratic Member)
  • Subcommittee Communications and Technology
  • Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade

To see Congressman Rush and the Democratic Committee members’ priorities click here

Congressional Caucuses

A caucus is a group of Representatives with shared interest in an issue.  Caucus members introduce legislation, educate other Members of Congress, and are public advocates for the issues they support.  Below is a list of the caucuses that Congressman Rush belongs to.  Bold indicates which caucuses he co-chairs.

  • Bipartisan Congressional Privacy Caucus
  • Community College Caucus
  • Congressional African Partnership for Economic Growth Caucus
  • Congressional Asthma and Allergy Caucus
  • Congressional Biotech Caucus
  • Congressional Black Caucus
  • Congressional Caucus on Access to Capital and Credit
  • Congressional Caucus on Brazil
  • Congressional Caucus on Community Health Centers
  • Congressional Caucus on Educating, Engaging, and Employing America’s Youth
  • Congressional Caucus on Green Jobs
  • Congressional Caucus on India and Indian American Issues
  • Congressional Collegiate Sports Caucus
  • Congressional Creative Rights Caucus
  • Congressional Diabetes Caucus
  • Congressional Entertainment Technology Caucus
  • Congressional Labor and Working Families Caucus
  • Congressional Natural Gas Caucus
  • Congressional Pakistan Caucus
  • Congressional Travel and Tourism Caucus
  • Congressional Youth Challenge Caucus
  • Great Lakes Task Force
  • House Army Caucus
  • House Cancer Caucus
  • Midwest High Speed Rail Congressional Caucus